Kin Kin Community Group Inc (KKCG)


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, 17 February at the Kin Kin School of Arts Hall

Kin Kin Community Group Inc. (KKCG) provides a forum to discuss ways to enhance the local community experience, celebrate the town’s heritage and potential, and promote the uniqueness that is Kin Kin!

As a not-for-profit group, KKCG supports local community initiatives.

For more than 20 years KKCG has worked to form relationships with all levels of government, paving the way forward for an enhanced local community environment that supports its endeavours and aspirations.

KKCG aims to:

  • Coordinate the enhancement of the community.
  • Respond to specific community issues as they are presented.
  • Provide a forum for unrepresented groups.
  • Be a support group for the promotion of the community, its environment, culture and celebrations.

Focused on Kin Kin’s heritage and the community, KKCG derives income from:

Current KKCG Executive Members

President: Jann Bonsall

Vice President: Nick Thompson

Treasurer: Jo-Anne Bourke

Secretary: TBC

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