Things to do

1.    Visit the Kin Kin General Store for breakfast or lunch and buy local products such as Kin Kin Tea, Kin Kin Naturals, Hello Honey, Kin Kin Organics

2.    Visit the Country Life Hotel for a drink or two

3.    Go to the Kin Kin Creation Markets on the first Sunday of each month

4.    Visit Kin Kin East to see the creative music sculpture garden

5.    Visit Paddock to Garment Alpaca & Silk Farm and Weaving Studio & Gallery. Open every Sat-Sun 10am-4pm. 24 Dr Pages Rd, Kin Kin.

6.    ’The Croft Garden Gallery”, open on the Sunday market days, 1st Sunday of the month and by appointment. It will have hives and other native bee products for sale plus Broadcroft Design creative metal work. Also open Wednesdays 9am to 2pm

7.    Go to Shepperson’s Lookout and see the 360 degree views

8.    Go horse riding on the Noosa Trail Network

9.    Go mountain biking on the Noosa Trail Network

10.  Go hiking on the Noosa Trail Network

11.  Get healthy and detox at the Living Valley Springs retreat

12.  Learn to do the Kahuna massage at High Spirits

13.  Camp under the stars on the Kin Kin Oval from $6

14.  Stay at the many funky Bed & Breakfasts

15.  Do the Doggrell Forest Walk

16.  Play tennis on the tennis courts behind the Hall of Arts

17.  Go to the skate park on the Kin Kin oval

18.  Visit the Kin Kin State school’s Kitchen Garden

19.  Visit the Arboretum

20.  Buy a plant from “The Chapel”

21.   Kin Kin Permaculture courses, best value Permaculture Design Certificate at Noosa Forest Retreat.

22.   Do a full day all grain brewing experiences with Kin Kin Brew Masons.  For more information e-mail or call 0439 290 778